Slash your CO2 emissions and minimize electricity bills with the evolutionary and energy efficient Evo Curtain Tracking System

The average Australian household produces almost two tonnes of greenhouse gases every year just from cooling requirements during summer.

According ro optimal energy rating guidelines released by local and stae governments, the majority of a hom’s cool air is lost through uncovered windiws. Installing energy efficient window coverings such as clos-fitting curtains can reduce heating and cooling needs by up to 20 percent, significantly reducing household electricity costs and slashing CO2 emmisions.

An innovative curtain tracking system designed specifically for the Australian marke offers a new approach in window furnishing, one that is both attracitve and energy efficient.

The patented Evo Curtain Tracking System incorporates decorative curtain rods and slim-line tracks that sit close to the window for optimal insulation, a unique pelmet fitted to the curtain rods prevents air circulating out the top of the curtains, and a new heading system that allows fabric to stack back neatly and into a smaller space when the curtains are drawn.

The unique Evo Curtain Heading incorporates a simple reverse pleat with Evo Sliders buttoned -on to each pleat. Due to the perfect distribution of weight, curtains will slide smoothly and freely, and are also easily removed for cleaning with the innovative button-on slider design,

The combination of close-fitting tracks, a temperature-retaining pelmet (called Pelmate_ and compact stacking capability makes the Evo system one of the most efficient approaches to window furnishing available – not to mention, functional and very attractive.

The entire system is designed and manufactured in Australia and all elements of the system are individually patented, guaranteeing a high quality product focused on sustainable and efficient practices.